Cobb Galleria Centre is eager to work with our clients on creating events that are more environmentally friendly. Here are 10 tips for your next meeting with us:

  • Talk with your event coordinator about setting up recycling stations at every meeting, and ask your attendees to use them. Together we can help divert unneeded waste from our landfills.
  • If you have boxes of leftover conference packets or if your exhibitors have left over boxes of brochures and other paper materials, let your event coordinator know so they can be transported to the loading dock for recycling.
  • Ask your catering manager to serve only china and silverware on your buffets and breaks, eliminating the use of disposable serviceware.
  • Only pre-set tea or water at your meal functions, not both. You’ll help save a lot of water!
  • Make sure that your food guarantees are accurate, which can save food and your money. Please know that in the event that you do have leftover food, the Centre donates it to the Atlanta Community Food Bank.
  • Avoid printing dates on your signage so it can be reused for your next event.
  • Make sure your exhibitors and service contractors use the cardboard recycling dumpster on the loading dock. Also remind them to leave their pallets for recycling.
  • Order a buffet or plated meal instead of a boxed meal. Boxed meals produce a lot of waste including the box, individual silverware kits and condiment packets.
  • Make sure your giveaways at your events won’t end up as trash by choosing unique gifts that are environmentally friendly, too. Consider giving away recycled tote bags to hold event materials instead of plastic bags.
  • Place a bin at the exit of your event for attendees to recycle name badges.

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