Jason WaltersYou may know Public Safety Officer Jason Walters as a soft-spoken gentleman who has worked at the Cobb Galleria Centre for more than 15 years. What you may not know is that Walters is a creative spirit at heart.

Walters describes his role at Cobb Galleria Centre as a front-line customer service position, ensuring the safety of guests and employees. He enjoys the diversity of events and guests hosted here, as well as seeing the entire life cycle of events from start to finish. While his commitment to security at the Centre is evident by his long tenure, Walters’ life outside of the venue is eclectic.

“I consider myself to be really creative,” Walters said. “I have so many ideas; I never run out of them.”

Walters is a certified upholsterer whose interests include designing his own furniture line, wall panel design, artwork for screen printing, sculpture, collecting art, and coin and currency collection. “I’m an aspiring entrepreneur,” he said. Walters rents a studio that houses his work, which includes modern furniture designs and upholstery work (chairs, benches, sofas), fabric wall panels, and bronze and plaster sculptures.

Walters has a Bachelor’s Degree in English from Denison University with a minor in Art. He started his career working as a restaurant cook and moved into security after a friend recommended the field. He is originally from Indiana and currently resides in Clarkston.