It’s National Buttermilk Biscuit day! Did you know Chef Walker uses Banner Butter’s buttermilk for his biscuits and many of his other culinary creations?

Chef Walker decided to start using the company for “better local product.”

Banner Butter is a local, small-batch, cultured butter maker that began in 2012 and can now be bought across the southeast and Texas in Whole Foods, Earth Fare and Central Markets.

The process for their products is different in a few ways. First, the cream comes from Georgia cows. Second, the cows are grass-fed. Their cows graze in green pastures and are not treated with hormones. Third, the butterfat. The butter has a higher proportion of butterfat than other butters. Fourth, the method. Before churning, the cream is allowed to ripen for many hours. This ripening process allows good bacteria to form, which gives their products more of a complex buttery undertone.

Rows of butter ready to be set out!

We are excited to continue to see what recipes Chef Walker creates with this local butter!

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Banner Butter featured on the table at the YMCA of Metropolitan Atlanta‘s Good Friday Breakfast alongside strawberry preserves.

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