WPretzel sticksant to do something fun with the kids for Valentine’s Day this year?  Bring on the dip! Much easier to use than white chocolate, look in your grocery store for candy coating in the baking goods aisle.  You can microwave the coating right in its tray, stir until smooth and then dip to your heart’s delight!  Strawberries, Oreos, and, of course, pretzels are all delicious. After the candy coating, you can sprinkle with colored sugar, drizzle with more chocolate or roll in finely chopped nuts.

Use your imagination and try something out there! Then let your goodies harden on parchment paper in your fridge for an hour or so before serving. Make up a platter for the whole family to enjoy on Valentine’s Day.  The kids will love being part of the process, and you will have saved yourself a trip to the bakery.