By: Kirsten Gleaves, Director of Food and Beverage

True confessions time: I went to a chain restaurant yesterday  – your typical fast food with a bar.  The food was whatever but what really blew my mind were the computer monitors on each and every table.  When I asked the server what they were for, I was told that once my initial food order was placed, I could use the computer to add on any refills and pay my check. I was told I would love it, that it was there for my convenience, and that I could play games at the table. I didn’t love it, I didn’t play games and I tried really hard to not use the thing to close my tab. But I was then told, “They really want us to make you use the machine.”

Maybe I am a hypocrite because I pump my own gas and prefer the self-checkout aisle in the grocery store.  But this is my industry, and the thought of taking the humanity out of hospitality makes me want to cry. Service is not a dirty word; it’s an honor. Come see us at Cobb Galleria Centre.  We’ll do our best to speak to you, to look you in the eye, and I hope we make you feel welcome.