SretoVisitors may recognize Sreto Mirkovic as one of Cobb Galleria Centre’s Set Up attendants, but ask him about his past and you will quickly realize that he has an interesting one. Mirkovic is from Vitez, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he lived during the region’s Civil War and religious conflict in the 1990s. Mirkovic moved to Georgia in 2002 at 19 years old and not knowing a word of English.


“Back home we have American movies, so you get used to how the language sounds,” Mirkovic says about his move to the U.S. He cannot decide what the most difficult part was about learning English, although he can recall the most effective way he learned the language: “I always tell people to correct me when I speak.” According to Mirkovic, his job is also helpful in refining his language skills, which explains why his favorite part of his job in Set Up is getting to be around people.


Mirkovic usually works with one other member of the Set Up department, where they move, put together, and break down chairs, tables, and various event sets. Every day is different for the crew, depending on what events are on the schedule. If you run into Mirkovic during a visit to the Centre, feel free to ask him about his work. “I have been at Cobb Galleria 11 years. I have a lot of great memories to share,” he said.