Did you know there are more microorganisms in one teaspoon of soil than there are people on Earth? A walk outside Cobb Galleria Centre will take you to their three bed garden and composting bin, filled with these fruitful microorganisms that aid in the production of delicious ingredients for Executive Chef Nick WalkeIMG_0440r to use in his many dynamic dishes.  Lavender, mint, basil, rosemary, tomatoes, and berries are some of what the Centre has in store for this summer.


The Garden Committee is composed of staff ranging from Sales & Marketing to Food & Beverage Operations to Human Resources departments wanting to spend some time outdoors. This week’s project is to refresh, trim, rake, weed, and replant some summer favorites. A fresh layer of top soil will come from the compost product of food that was recycled at the Centre over two months ago!


Michael Nelson and ThIMG_0445omas Nickson install a trellis to help the flourishing berry bushes. Assisting the plant to grow upward will help produce more fruit, as berry bushes natively grow on hillsides. Also planted were sprightly yellow Marigolds to keep away any harmful insects.



IMG_0402“To be able to mix new world and old world together and make a product is ingenuity and creativity at the same time,” says Executive Chef Nick Walker about the process behind making and choosing ingredients for his dishes. Walker typically buys from local productions like Mills Farm in Athens, Georgia, and having a garden next to the kitchen is the newest innovation in providing fresh, amazing food!


Check out more gardening photos on the Cobb Galleria Centre Flickr stream!IMG_0503