FRIDAY OCTOBER 3, 2014: High Tech Ministries brings 1,600 Atlanta area technology industry professionals together for the High Tech Prayer Breakfast featuring keynote speaker Dr. Christopher Kersey. For more information visit

FRIDAY OCTOBER 3, 2014: The Atlanta Fencing Classic comes to the Cobb Galleria Centre for a three-day action packed event. Friday’s Competition schedule is as follows:
8:00 Y14 Men’s Foil
8:00 Y10 Men’s Sabre
8:30 Y12 Men’s Epee
8:30 Y10 Women’s Epee
12:30 Y10 Women’s Foil
1:30 Y14 Women’s Sabre

SATURDAY OCTOBER 4, 2014: The Atlanta Fencing Classic is back for day two with a full day of competition! For more info, visit

Saturday’s Competition Schedule:
8:00 Y14 Women’s Foil
8:00 Y12 Women’s Epee
8:30 Y12 Men’s Sabre
10:00 Y10 Men’s Epee
1:00 Y14 Men’s Epee
2:30 Y12 Men’s Foil
2:30 Y12 Women’s Sabre

SUNDAY OCTOBER 5, 2014: The Atlanta Fencing Classic wraps up competition with the following events:
8:00 Y14 Men’s Sabre
8:00 Y10 Men’s Foil
9:30 Y12 Women’s Foil
10:00 Y10 Women’s Sabre
11:00 Y14 Women’s Epee

For more information on the Atlanta Fencing Classic, visit