Are you looking to spice up attendee engagement at your next event? There are some fun, affordable technologies now available that can help with that.  We sat down recently with Palmer Wood, Director of Audio Visual at ONsite, to talk about some new, innovative technology available to our clients.

Catch Box

Catch Box is the world’s first throwable microphone.This is a wireless mic that allows audiences to catch it. One would throw this like a beach ball and the mic is located inside. This is a great way to liven to up Q&As! This unique mic gets the audience involved in a hands-on way. The Catch Box allows for more of a dialogue to happen rather than just a monologue. It is a great way to break the ice and makes audience participation fun and easy.


Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is flipping surveys! This technology is a live survey that allows audience members, who may not typically want to ask out loud, to ask their questions. It also allows the curators to filter through questions, which can help with staying on topic! It is an internal based software where audience members can text their questions. Organizers can even create questions before the event, audience members text the number during the event and then after the event, results are ready!


This technology tracks engagement! You heard right, it can track engagement between an exhibitor and a visitor. The technology comes in the form of a chip that one can attach to a badge. An exhibitor and a visitor can tap chips and it automatically exchanges the information between the two. This can show the organizer of the event trends within the event and which exhibitors are getting the most traffic. It gives visitors access to a wide range of media not just brochures and magazines. It also creates a greener event.

ONsite can help you supply technology solutions like these at your next event. ONsite is the recommended in-house audiovisual company for the Cobb Galleria Centre. A full-service audiovisual rental and staging company, ONsite since 1985 has supported meeting and event planners, associations, conventions and tradeshows, production companies, the hospitality market and the corporate community in Atlanta and across the country. Please visit for more information.